Fiction Can Be Murder - Becky Clark



Mystery author Charlamagne "Charlee" Russo meets her writer friends weekly for their critique session.  She is the most experienced in the group of authors in various genres and her opinions are usually highly favored.


Charlee receives a disheartening phone call that her "eat nails for breakfast' publisher has been murdered.  Already upset by the tragic news, Charlee is in for more shock when she learns her publisher's death was caused by a scene from her manuscript making her the main suspect.  


The detectives on the case believes it's a slam dunk, but Charlee doesn't agree when the group has read her manuscript as well as a few others.  She kicks-off her own investigation and in the process may ruin a few friendships.


I enjoyed Charlee's character.  She quirky, lovable, hard-headed with a case of the butterfingers.  Her friends are comical, especially her ride or die friend, AmyJo.  There's a good, even pace from scene to scene with humor scattered throughout the book.  I was stumped when the murderer was revealed because I'm usually good at solving mysteries....I always wanted to be a detective.


Becky Clark's debut mystery, Fiction Can Be Murder is a good-humored enjoyable story. 


Thank you Netgalley and Midnight Ink for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.